Server to Bartender


Bar staff have been forced to take on several roles during present pandemic times. Which often meant the server was thrown behind the bar to make their own drinks for the table guests. The shaking and stirring style of the server, whilst checking the recipe on their phone, or from a cocktail book, may have made many a manager cringe, but with no guests at the bar, and no guests IN the bar during the lockdown phase – it was out of sight; out of mind.

A lot more servers attended our 40-hour bartender certification course during the pandemic, many sent in by the owner,

A Thank You to all Servers  – For the month of March our affiliates are matching over 50% of tuition for servers attending our bartender certification course. The $295 must be made through March 2021, although the course can be taken anytime up to end of May 2021. The balance of $300 to be paid by the affiliate(s)* Must be presently working as a server (food or/and cocktails). For more info text us at 212.768.8460

*There are no obligations to the affiliates other than a possible review/rating of their spirit/liqueur.