Bartending/Mixology + TIPS/ATAP


If you are seriously looking to work as a bartender, then this is the course for you! Apart from learning ALL the popular & classic cocktails served in cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs, you also receive comprehensive interactive seminars on spirits, liqueurs, beer and wine, plus POS register, opening/closing procedures and customer service training. The required state TIPS/ATAP Alcohol Awareness Certification course is also included for free to students that register in June & July of 2018. Students receive guest bartending at an affiliated New York City bar, unlimited practice, and job placement assistance that includes one-on-one resume assistance and access to our job site.

50 HOURS (40 hours are mandatory; see part 2 below).

PART 1 of the Bartender/Mixology Course

  • This consists of the 16 hours of ''Drinks & Preparation' section.

PART 2 of the Bartender/Mixology Course

  • 24-hours of interactive seminars, additional cocktail-making & efficiency drills (mandatory).
  • 4-hours Alcohol Awareness Certification Course.
  • 6 hours (optional) preparation/tastings 'happy hour cocktail sessions' in a speakeasy bar
  • Unlimited practice before & after graduation.
  • Free access to the bartenders on-line job site + one-on-one resume assistance.
  • Guest bartending gig in a real bar.
  • 5 Accelerated Days: Monday-Friday/9am-5.30pm.
  • 10 Evening Classes: Monday-Friday/6pm-10.30pm.
Unlimited Practice BEFORE & AFTER graduation! Be as good as you want to be!

Flexible Schedules:  Mix morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes until you complete the curriculum (example schedules below):

  • Morning (1st week); Afternoons (2nd week).
  • Mornings (1st week); evenings (2nd week).
  • 2 - 10 pm (reverse schedule).
  • Weekend (1st week); Afternoons (2nd week).
  • Weekends (1st week; Evenings (2nd week).


  1. VISIT THE SCHOOL / TOUR THE FACILITIES (open door policy; feel free to just stop by).
  3. ATTEND A FREE HANDS-ON CLASS  Text us at 347.620.7227 (text only) for future 'trial class' dates, and to reserve a spot.


All Bartending schools are certainly NOT created equal! A run-of-the-mill cookie cutter bartending course may provide you with the basics of bartending, but unfortunately it will not land you a bartending job. So before you sign up to any bartending school, do your research, visit several bartending schools and sit in on a class.


  • UNLICENSED SCHOOLS (a school must be licensed by the NY State Education Department). If they don't have a website, the class is at a bar or home, and/or the course is under $300 then they are not a licensed school - the course and certificate is bogus,
  • CRAIGS LIST BOGUS ADDS (no experience will train; make $200 a night).
  • GROUPON COURSES (if you are doing it for fun, go ahead, but avoid it if you are looking to gain the experience to work as a bartender).

ONLY the 'Application Fee' ($60) is required upon checkout; the balance of $635 is due prior to the start of class. Payment policies & refunds are covered in the school's 'Catalog' available prior to checkout. A hard copy of the catalog is also provided at the school prior to completing the enrolment form.

 *Outstanding payment due by first day of class.
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