Beginners to Intermediate Level. Must be 18 or over.

If you are seriously looking to work as a bartender, then you cannot go wrong with this course. You learn ALL the popular & classic cocktails served in cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs, as in the 'Drinks & Preparation ' course, plus the POS register training, opening/closing procedures and customer service. However, you also receive comprehensive interactive seminars on spirits, liqueurs, beer and wine. Also includes the TIPS/ATAP Alcohol Awareness Certification course (an additional 4-5) hours course that is required by most servers of alcohol), plus guest bartending at an affiliated New York City bar, unlimited refresher courses, practice, and job placement assistance that includes access to our online job site, job placement seminar and one-on-one resume assistance.

  • 20 hours of drinks & preparation
  • 20-hours of interactive seminars & efficiency drills
  • 5-hours Alcohol Awareness Certification Course
  • Unlimited practice & refresher courses for 10 years
  • Free access to the bartenders on-line job site
  • 5 Accelerated Days: Monday-Friday/9am-5.30pm.
  • 10 Evening Classes: Monday-Friday/6pm-10.30pm.
Unlimited Practice BEFORE & AFTER graduation! Be as good as you want to be!

Flexible Schedules:  Mix morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes until you complete the curriculum (example schedules below):

  • Morning (1st week); Afternoons (2nd week).
  • Mornings (1st week); evenings (2nd week).
  • 2 - 10 pm (reverse schedule).
  • Weekend (1st week); Afternoons (2nd week).
  • Weekends (1st week; Evenings (2nd week).


  3. ATTEND A FREE HANDS-ON CLASS (every Tuesday at 6.15pm). Text us at 347.620.7227 (text only) to reserve a spot!


There are a lot of bartending training programs offered throughout the United States. Some are legit (licensed), many are not. The level of training various anywhere from a 'waste of money' to a 'top-notch entry-level training program'. Unfortunately too many people seem to think that to land a job as a bartender you simply need to learn some basic drinks and get a so-called certificate. NOT SO! Almost every student that comes into our school are taken back by the amount of information they have to learn and the behind-the-bar practice they need to put in to pass our bartending exam. Bartending may not be rocket science, but it ain't no walk in the park.  When someone tells you that 'bartending school was a waste of money' -  it's probably because they lacked the right bartending skills, personality, and persistence to land a bartending job. Attending a run-of-the-mill bartending course with inadequate training ain't going to give you the skills to work as a bartender!

All Bartending schools are NOT created equal! So before you sign up to any bartending school, drop by the 'New York Bartending School' and sit in on a class. Then go and visit other licensed bartending schools in NYC and COMPARE!


ONLY the 'Application Fee' ($60) is required upon checkout; the balance of $635 is due prior to the start of class. Payment policies & refunds are covered in the school's 'Catalog' available prior to checkout. A hard copy of the catalog is is also provided at the school prior to completing the enrolment form.

 *Outstanding payment due by first day of class.
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