Drinks & Preparation Course


The ‘Drinks & Preparation’ course consists of the first 16-hours of our renowned 40-hour+ Bartending/Mixology course.

Prerequisite> NONE
The drink & preparation course was added for people in the biz (servers, barbacks, busboys, catering & event staff) that are already familiar with spirits, wine, beer, POS Registers and customer service, and are just looking for a fast yet comprehensive course in cocktail-making only.

  • 4 Evening Sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6pm to 10pm (16-hours).
    The next and only dates for this course through 2018 is November 26th & December 10th.

$495.00 $395.00



This comprehensive totally hands-on behind-the-bar course covers basic spirit knowledge along with all the popular drinks/cocktails served in New York City.

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