Bartending / Mixology Certification Course


ABOUT:  We are an independent bartending school, state-licensed and registered (trademarked) under the name New York Bartending School, Inc. We are not affiliated with other bartending schools, so be aware of schools and associations that advertise under the name New York Bartending School, or claim they are affiliated with our school.

Barending-Mixology has changed in the last couple of decades, at the New York Bartending School, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the times. Our state-licensed bartending school has been in business for over 22 years. We provide students with industry-level bartending & mixology training. Classes are hands-on in a real bar setting.

TUITION: Only $595 (no additional fees). Free refresher courses. Boot camp wine class included in tuition.

CURRICULUM: The behind-the-bar Skills taught at the New York Bartending School, along with the student’s Passion for learning more, Personality, and Persistence, accounts for the thousands of New York Bartending School graduates working worldwide.

  • Learn all the Popular and Classic Cocktails.
  • Learn to use all the modern Bar Tools & Equipment (we have all the modern tools and equipment in cocktail/speakeasy bars).
  • Technics: Shaking, Dry Shaking, Reverse Shaking, Jigger Measuring, Free-Pouring Measuring, Stirring, Swixling, Rolling, Muddling, Pressing, Smoking, Layering.
  • Spirit, liqueurs, wine, and beer knowledge & service.

Prerequisite: It is 18 to serve alcohol in NYC; 21 to drink; 18 to attend bartending school.

Graduation/Certification: The New York Bartending certification is awarded upon course completion and passing of the three exams.

Fun/Work: Whether you are looking for a fun, educational course in mixology, or you are seeking to work in the hospitality business – the New York Bartending School has your back! We guarantee you will not find a more comprehensive and affordable industry-level bartending course than what we offer at the New York Bartending School, Inc – why would you want to pay hundreds of dollars more?

Schedules: At the New York Bartending School we offer a  1-week full-day course (Mon-Fri), a 2-week evening course (Mon-Fri), a Saturday course (5-consecutive Saturdays), and a Sunday course (5-consecutive Sundays). See below for schedules and starting dates.

Text 212.768.8460 if you have any questions.




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