NEW YORK BARTENDING –  If you are looking for top notch bartending/mixology learning experiences, along with spirit and wine knowledge, and tastings, at a an affordable members fee – then look no further than New York Bartending (NYB).

  • SHAKERS/MIXING GLASSES: Koriko®, Cobbler, Parisian, Petit shaker, Yari mixing glass, Boston shaker,
  • GLASSWARE: Coupe, Martini, Nick & Nora, Highball, Collins, Old-Fashioned, Glencairn, Snifter, Wine glasses.
  • UTENSILS: Japanese, American, Bell, and multi-level jiggers.Tear Drop, Hoffman, specialty bar spoons. Cutting boards, Mortar & pestle, graters, peelers, fine strainers, ISA Whip, and ice-cutting tools.
  • COCKTAIL PREPARATION: Trendy, classic, riffs, and signature.
  • BARTENDING-MIXOLOGY TECHNICS: Shaking, dry shaking, reverse shaking, stirring, rolling, free-pouring, jigger use, straining, syrups, foams, rapid infusion.
  • SPIRITS/LIQUEURS: Premium spirits & liqueurs from around the world. Fermentation, distillation, premium brands, tasting.
  • WINE: Fermentation, wine varietals, barrel aging, still, sparkling, fortified, and dessert wines. Service and storage. Tastings.
  • CERTIFICATION DIPLOMA (Good throughout the United States & International).

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