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The New York Bartending School, Inc is a registered, licensed, and trademarked school with over 21 years in business. At the NY bartending school, we focus on modern-day bartender-mixology training. Our classes are taught in state-of-the-art facilities. We keep it real! This comprehensive bartending-mixology course is designed for anyone looking to work in the industry and anyone looking for a fun course in mixology to make great cocktails at home or to have a week of fun and cocktail-making.

  • Behind-the-bar training with all the modern tools of mixology.
  • Covers all the classics and present-day cocktails served in cocktail bars.
  • Spirits & Liqueurs knowledge/service.
  • Opening/closing procedures. Customer service/Efficiency.
  • Cocktail Tastings (All bartending schools use colored water (students practice so many drinks, over and over again, that it would not be practical to use alcohol). However, at the New York Bartending School, students get to prepare and taste classic cocktails, spirits, and liqueurs in a functional cocktail lounge.

Prerequisite: It is 18 to serve in NYC; therefore, 18 to attend bartending school. It is 21 to drink.

Upon Graduation: Students must pass a 3-part exam—unlimited exam retakes, at no additional fee. A ‘Bartending/Mixology’ certificate is awarded upon completion.

Job Assistance: The New York Bartending School provides a job site for employers to post positions for free and realistic job-searching skills for our graduates. Bartending schools have nothing to do with the hiring process besides providing job leads, resume assistance, and job-hunting skills. It is the bartending/mixology skills students have learned and perfected at the school, their passion for learning more, and their personality and persistence that gets them working. We have bartenders working all over the world.

At the NEW YORK BARTENDING SCHOOL, we offer a 40-hour program. Full-day one-week, two-week evening, a five-week Saturday course, and a five-week Sunday course. GO TO THE DROP BOX BELOW TO VIEW STARTING DATES. Text 212.768.8460 if you have any questions.




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