Our membership of only $595 allows members of New York Bartending™  (the original New York Bartending School®) access to all the hands-on industry-level bartending-mixology workshops. 

Full-day, Evening, Saturday, and Sunday. You could attend all workshops in 1 week, 2-weeks, 5-weeks or longer, there is no limit on how long it takes you. Take as many workshops as needed, take as long as you want, retake as many workshops as you want – No additional fees.

Course Workshops include:

  • Shakers/Mixing Glasses. Koriko®, Cobbler, Parisian, Petit shaker, Yari mixing glass, Boston shaker.
  • Glassware: Coupe, Martini, Nick & Nora, Highball, Collins, Old-Fashioned, Glencairn, Snifter, Wine.
  • Utensils: Japanese, American, bell, and multi-level jiggers.Tear Drop, Hoffman, specialty bar spoons.
  • Cutting boards, Mortar & pestle, graters, peelers, fine strainers, ISA Whip, and ice-cutting tools.
  • Mixology & Cocktail Preparation. All the popular, trendy drinks along with all the classic cocktails and riffs, that any good bartender-mixologist should know.
  • Bartending/Mixology Technics. Shaking, dry shaking, reverse shaking, stirring, rolling, free-pouring, jigger use, straining, syrups, foams, rapid infusion.
  • Spirits (Part 1): Fermentation/Distilation/Barrel Aging
  • Spirits (Part 2): Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Brandies.
  • Spirits (Part 3): Whiskies of the world.
  • Liqueurs of the World.
  • Boot Camp Wine: Fermentation, wine varietals, barrel aging, still, sparkling, fortified and dessert wines. Service and storage of wines. Food & Wine pairing.
  • Beer: Beer knowledge & service.
  • Working the bar.
  • Job Hunting Assistance (no school can guarantee anyone a job; at NYB we provide the right training along with the best way to look/land a position in the industry should you be looking to do so. We do not blow smoke up you ***.
  • Certification: NYB Bartender-Mixologist

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