New York Bartending / Mixology Social members have access to industry-level bartending and mixology workshops/courses with unlimited retakes. and practice. Invites to mixology and spirits social events. NYB Certification exam upon completion.

For the New York Bartending Certification, the following workshops must be completed before taking a 3-part exam.

  • Shakers/Mixing Glasses. Koriko®, Cobbler, Parisian, Petit shaker, Yari mixing glass, Boston shaker.
  • Glassware: Coupe, Martini, Nick & Nora, Highball, Collins, Old-Fashioned, Glencairn, Snifter, Wine.
  • Jiggers: Japanese, American, bell, multi-level.
  • Bar Spoons: Tear Drop, Hoffman, specialty bar spoons. Knives: Pairing, multi-purpose.
  • Other: Cutting boards, Mortar & pestle, graters, peelers, fine strainers, ISA Whip, and ice-cutting tools.
  • Cocktail Preparation. All the popular and classic cocktails that any good bartender should know.
  • Bartending/Mixology Technics. Shaking, dry shaking, reverse shaking, stirring, rolling, free-pouring, jigger use, straining, syrups, foams, rapid infusion.
  • Spirits & Liqueurs of the World: History/Distillation/Aging. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Mezcal, Bandies, Whiskies, Liqueurs.
  • Wine & Service: Wine knowledge & service.
  • Beer & Service: Beer knowledge & service.

The ‘New York Bartending Certificate’ is awarded to members upon completion of a 3-part exam (Free-Pouring, Written, Efficiency). The exam is optional; anyone who does not want to take the exam will receive a diploma of completion. Workshops and exams can be retaken for 1 year at no additional fee.

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