Bartending & Mixology Course


  • Glassware (Old-Fashioned, Double Old-Fashioned, Highball, Collins, Martini, Coupe, Nick & Nora, Snifter, Wine, Flute, Specialty).
  • Shakers: (Boston, Cobbler, Parisian, Yarai Mixing Glass).
  • Bar Tools: Strainers: Hawthorne, Julep, Fine Strainer, Bar Spoons, Y Peeler, ISA Whip, Zester, Jiggers.
  • Ice: Half Cubes, Large Cubes, Spheres, Shaved, Crushed.
  • Shaking, dry-shaking, reverse-shaking, stirring, free-pouring, jigger use, and muddling.
  • Drink Preparation: Highballs, Moscow Mule, Dark ‘n’ Stormy, Negroni and variations like the boulevardier, white negroni, and sbagliato, old-fashioned, smokey maple old-fashioned, martini/manhattan and variations, gimlet (basil, rosemary), blood & sand, Last Word, Mai Tai, Sazerac, southside, cosmo, sidecar, paper plane, daiquiris, margaritas, flavored martinis (espresso, apple, chocolate, etc), sours (pisco sour, amaretto sour, whisky sour, new york sour, etc), Collins, Paloma, Aperol spritz, mimosa, bellini, french 75, mojito, mint julip, caipirinha, Irish coffee, hot toddy, bloody mary, etc.
  • Spirits: Vodka, gin, rum, brandies, whiskies from around the world, and liqueurs.
  • Liqueurs: From absinthe to velvet falernum
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