Industry-Level Bartender Certification Course

A 40-hour+ bartending certification course covering all aspects of professional industry-level bartending.

Prerequisite: Must be 18 or over. No additional experience is required.


  • Tools, equipment & bar set-up.
  • Jigger use & free-pouring skills
  • Correct shaking & stirring skills.
  • Drinks & Preparation. All the classic & popular drinks served in cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs.
  • Behind-the-bar efficiency drills.
  • Spirits & liqueur  / knowledge & service.
  • Wine & Beer  / knowledge & service.
  • POS Register procedures (we have 4 pos registers) & Customer Service.
  • Bar ‘Opening & Closing’ Procedures.
  • Job Placement Assistance.
  • Bartender Certification (valid world-wide).
  • 5 Accelerated Days: Monday-Friday (9am-5:30pm).
  • 10 Evening Classes: Monday-Friday (2-weeks (6pm-10pm).
  • Weekend Classes: 5 Saturdays (9.30am-5.30pm). Next Saturday Start Date is November 9th. Registration for Saturday classes is ‘in-person’ only. No is appointment required. Walk-in tours, which includes sitting in on a class and/or registration is available Monday-Friday (10am-7pm) and Saturday (11am-3pm).


  • No OvercrowdingWe are the largest bartending school in America with 2 bars each with 20 cocktail stations, so we do not have to mix students of different levels in the same classroom, or have several students share a station.
  • Real Bar FacilitiesThe only bartending school with a real bar on premise. Not just colored water!
  • Modern Equipment – Boston Shaker, Tins, Japanese Mixing Glass, Kold Draft Ice Machine, Beer Tap System, Rotary Vap, etc.
  • Modern Industry-Level Training by professional bartenders. All our state licensed instructors are working in NYC cocktail bars.
  • Licensed School – One of the few bartending schools that are licensed by the NY State Education Department and the only bartending school that is allowed to use the registered & trademarked name New York Bartending School.
  • The Right TrainingIf you plan on working in NYC then it is important that you get the right training! The reason some bartenders gripe about bartending schools is because of their lack of training, so do your homework – sit in on one of our classes and then go compare our training with other bartending schools – see the difference first-hand!
  • Free refreshers, practice and retesting. We don’t care how long it takes you to complete the course – as long as you get it.
  • Realistic Job placement assistancewhich includes an online job site & real-bar experience upon graduation. Run like hell if any bartending school say they ‘guarantee’ you a job! 

TUITION: $595. Includes state & world-wide certification, registration, taxes, all learning materials, unlimited practice, free refreshers & retesting, guest bartending, job placement assistance.

Looking for a payment plan?  PayPal Credit (six month no-interest).



Hands-on state-licensed certification course in bartending.








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