Bar & Restaurant Wine


Who’s it for – This entry-level wine program is geared towards bartenders and servers looking for a boot camp course on wine knowledge and service, without blowing their mind on wine history and tradition.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Types & styles of wine
  • Popular varietal
  • Reading a wine label
  • Navigating a wine menu
  • Wine tasting & food pairing
  • Service & storage of wine

Prerequisite: Must be 21 or over. No wine experience required / Beginner.

Schedule: March 2nd starting date. Tuesday-Friday  (6pm – 9pm).

For registration to the Bar & Restaurant Wine Course please contact us at 212.768.8460 (phone or text).

We adhere to strict health and social distancing guidelines. Very small class size, your personal sanitized cocktail station.  Mask, temperature check, distancing. Large modern/clean facilities with good ventilation.

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