Job Placement Assistance Program

Our comprehensive industry-level bartending course provides our students with the essential  skills to gain employment. We have thousands of bartenders working in bars all around the world, so we must be doing something right!

“I just wanted to let you and all my student buddies at the New York Bartending School know that I found a job. Last night was my first night. I did so well they wanted me to work Friday & Saturday – their busiest nights. They were so impressed with my training; they did not have to do much to break me in. It’s a cool lounge.” – Riparian.

“Thank you guys for letting me retake the class – but more importantly, I got a full-time position at a prestigious country club! You guys kick so much ass! I am going to be sending a few of my friends to take the course in the coming weeks.” – Joseph F.

Graduates Job Placement Assistance

  • On-line job site with real bartender jobs called in from bar owners and managers throughout New York.
  • Resumes and interviewing skills.
  • Guest bartending at a Manhattan bar to gain additional experience and confidence upon graduation.

We provide you with the right training, job hunting tips, and a realist job site to assist you in landing a bartending job. The rest is on you! 

It is not the certification that will land you a job – it is the RIGHT training! However, certification with the licensed/registered name of ‘New York Bartending School® certainly has more clout (especially world-wide) than most other school certifications.