Modern Bartending-Mixology – There has been a major shift, in the years following the pandemic, in what customers drink and their perception and expectation of cocktails. What was considered the modern cocktail trend, using premium spirits, and fresh ingredients, has been around well before the pandemic; however, the trend has since elevated to a new level of elaborate cocktail making. Every establishment, from local bar to cocktail lounge, has a customized cocktail menu that includes riffs of the classics, as well as signature cocktail creations that provide a culinary multisensory experience.

The social mixology craze took off at the beginning of the pandemic when visiting your favorite hangout for a cocktail was no longer an option. During the lockdown, everyone became a home bartender. Professional mixologists started to use social platforms to showcase their cocktail creations. Before long every mixologist, worth their salt, had a platform to showcase and teach the art of cocktail making and mixology, and the home mixologist soon followed. Both have contributed much to the drinking culture that exists today.

This new interest in mixology has brought about a shift in the type of students that attended our courses in the past four years; a big majority, and we are talking over 70%, have been cocktail enthusiasts, social mixologists, and those simply looking for a fun, educational course in mixology. Most already have a profession. Their interest in mixology has become a passionate hobby – making great cocktails for themselves and friends and posting on their social media feeds. Others are working from home, stuck behind a computer most of the day, and are looking for new, fun learning experiences. However, many have gone on to secure work in the bar business, not surprisingly, given their passion for mixology.

This new cocktail culture craze is in good part responsible for our present change in direction, to a member’s platform, with more focus on modern bartender-mixology skills, providing collaborative, hands-on learning experiences in bartending and mixology for all levels, which includes the beginner, home mixologist, and anyone looking to work in the business.