The Difference Between the New York Bartending School and other Bartending Schools in New York

The New York Bartending School is a state licensed bartending school that provides industry-level bartending training in modern bar facilities taught by experienced, licensed instructors. Having the largest bartending school in New York with multi bar classrooms gives us a big advantage over other barschools. We never have to mix students of different levels in the same class like every bartending school in New York, with 3 to 4 students to a station.

Another huge advantage over other NYC bartending schools, is that bartender/mixology students actually get behind a fully stocked bar, where they get to prepare and taste most of the cocktails and spirits served in the bars, clubs and restaurants in New York, using real alcohol – at no additional fee! How can you recommend spirits if you don’t know the difference between a bourbon, rye and single-malt? How do recommend wine if you have no idea what tannins are, what wines pair well with food, and how do you recommend cocktails if you have never tasted them?

For more info text us at 347.620.7227 (text only) or feel free to drop by and sit in on a class. We are located at 68 West 39th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenue, close to Bryant Park.

  • Bartender Drinks & Preparation Course

    A comprehensive totally hands-on behind-the-bar course covering all of the classic & modern cocktails.
    $495 to$395
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  • Industry-Level Bartending/Mixology Certification Course

    A 10-day evening or 5-day accelerated certification course covering all aspects of professional bartending.
    $695 to$595
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  • Bar & Restaurant Wine

    A concise course in wine knowledge & service geared to bar & restaurant staff.
    $495 to$395
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