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Experience the #1 bartending school in America. Our industry-level bartending training gets you working!  

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  • Reputable licensed bartending school. Professional instructors.
  • State-wide & Internationally recognized certification.  
  • Industry-level bartender training program, taught in modern real-bar facilities!
  • Excellent Job Placement Assistant Service! On-line job site! Resume Assistance. Guest bartending gig upon graduation!
  • The largest and most reputable independent bar school in America!

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  • Industry-Level Bartending Certification Course

    A 40-hour+ (10 evenings or 5-days) bartending certification course covering all aspects of professional industry-level bartending.
    $595 $595
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  • Free Trial Bartending Class

    The New York Bartending School offers a free trial hands-on-behind-the-bar bartending class.
    $595 $595
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  • TIPS® / ATAP Alcohol Awareness Certification

    TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is required by most establishments and mandatory in many states.
    $595 $595
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  • Bartending4Fun PE

    Interactive Cocktail Events for Cocktail Lovers
    $595 $595
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    For bartender graduates & working bartenders looking to enhance their knowledge.
    $495 $495
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