New York Bartending School® The Industry-leading bartender educational program.

State Licensed / Credited / Reputable

New York Bartending School® is OPEN 7 days a week with classes starting every week. Our comprehensive bartending/mixology course is equivalent to months of on-the-job training. Geared to beginners and bartenders looking to step up their game. We also offer classes for anyone just looking for an educational, fun mixology course.
Go to courses to register. Text 212.768.8460 if you have any questions. Feel free to stop by for a tour - no appointment required.

New York Bartending School® - Not your typical bartending school!

The largest single-site bartending-mixology educational facility.

The New York Bartending School® provides comprehensive industry-level training in bartending and mixology. Our bartending school in nyc is the largest and best equipped single site bartender training facilities in the world with two floors of space and all the modern tools, gadgets and equipment found in the world’s top cocktail bars. Certification is recognized state-wide and world-wide.

There is only one state licensed and trademarked New York Bartending School®. Our state licensed bartending school in nyc has been training bartenders for over two decades and will continue to provide an up-to-date professional bartending and mixology certification program for decades to come.