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“What’s the Difference Between the New York Bartending School and other Bartending Schools in New York?”

A reputable bartending school that provides industry-level bartending training is probably the fastest and best way to get your foot in the door if you have no bartending experience. The emphasis is on reputable and industry-level trainingThe quality of training provided varies immensely from bartending school to bartending school – so if you do your research  you won’t need to ask us the above question!

The New York Bartending School has thousands of graduates bartending throughout the world. Many have gone on to become world class mixologists, liquor embassadors, and bar owners. So we must be doing something right!

  • Industry-Level Bartender Drinks & Preparation Course

    A comprehensive totally hands-on behind-the-bar certification course covering all of the classic & modern cocktails. Take advantage of our summer tuition.
    $495 to$395
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  • Industry-Level Bartending/Mixology + TIPS/ATAP Certification

    A 10-day evening or 5-day accelerated certification course covering all aspects of professional bartending.
    Take advantage of our summer tuition.
    $695 to$595
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  • Bar & Restaurant Wine

    A concise course in wine knowledge & service geared to bar & restaurant staff.
    $495 to$395
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