Working Graduates Reviews

“The New York Bartending School is AWESOME, AWESOME, and AWESOME”
Alexis @ Flute Champagne Lounge, NYC

“Best of the bartending schools I visited! Very professional yet lots of fun! Loved every minute”
Sarah @ Circa NYC

I wasn't pressured to sign up at the New York Bartending School. I felt very welcome from the moment I walked into the door. I didn't feel viewed as a DOLLAR AMOUNT when I visited, but rather as a future colleague.”
Brian @ Assistant Manager, Marriott, NYC

My instructor Anthony is an amazing person and a great instructor. After visiting other bartending schools, I started to have doubts about persuing bartending. But from the moment I walk into the New York Bartending School, I knew I was on the right track. I got so much more than just an education. Now I am working in a great lounge in mid-town Manhattan, making great money. And I owe it all to the school. I would recommend the school to everyone. So many different people where in my class. And we each got person attention and great guidance.
Thanks so very much.