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NYB Graduate Testimonials

"The New York Bartending School is AWESOME, AWESOME, and AWESOME "
Alexis, Flute Champagne Lounge, NYC

"Bartending school was the best thing I ever did! Love my job:) "
Jen, Club 40/40

"Lovely ladies and gentlemen of the New York Bartending School. I am writing because I wanted to inform you that I have found a position as a bartender and wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. The job is at one of the finest country clubs around, serving many elite athletes. I am glad to say that I got the job based on my knowledge of single-malt whiskies, the ability to make the perfect Manhattan and my speed skills! So because of what you taught me, my tips are quite large. Thanks again guys! "
Oscar, Four Seasons

"When I returned to Ireland to my second year of college, I landed a job at the prestigious Morrison Hotel; one of the few devoted cocktail bars in Dublin and they pay me very well. I would never of landed the job without the training and experience I received from the New York Bartending School. "
Sam, Morrison Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

"I wasn't pressured to sign up at the New York Bartending School. I felt very welcome from the moment I walked into the door. I didn't feel viewed as a DOLLAR AMOUNT when I visited, but rather as a future colleague."
Brian, Assistant Manager, Marriott Hotel, NYC


New York Bartending School, Inc 68 West 39th Street, Ny NY 10018