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New York Bartending School: Licensed by the NY State Education Department


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There is ONLY 1 New York Bartending School, Inc.
Licensed by the New York State Education Department

68 West 39th Street
(between 5th & 6th Ave.)
(212) 768-8460


Not Sure if Bartending is for YOU?

Well here is your chance to find out! Check out our FAQ's on this site and then attend our HANDS-ON TRIAL class. You will be making drinks and having fun with the rest of the students! But more importantly, it will give you a chance to see our Manhattan, New York Bartending School facilities and quality of training first hand! There is no fee for our hands-on trial class; no pressure and no obligation to sign-up! In fact we prefer that you go check out other schools and compare!


Choosing the RIGHT Bartending School!

Back in the days on-the-job bartender training was common. Some bartenders started out as servers, barbacks or busboys and worked their way up, others who preferred a quicker route went to Bartending School. The opportunity to learn bartending via on-the-job training today has dwindled; owners and managers just don't have the time, the recourses or the patience. Bartenders have a habit of moving from bar to bar, attributed to the high turnover of establishments and management and the nature of the job; it’s a fun job and bartenders can do extremely well financially, but it is not considered a career-type occupation, hence the turnover! It is a great job to make some extra cash, to meet people and have fun. It has, for many years, been the preferred part time job of actors, models and students; it has indeed put many students through college. However, it has also become a career type job for many, and why not, some bartenders are making more money than many 9 to 5 professionals!

Customer service and solid mixology skills are still the arbitrates of a good bartender; however today's bartender is expected to know more than a repertoire of the classic drinks, they need to be up on the modern drinks that are served in the trendy bars and clubs, and whereas a bartender back in the days could get away with a rudimentary knowledge of wines, that is not the case nowadays; customers are wine savvy. There are more liquor brands on the market nowadays, more flavors, and more high-end spirits. The old-style registers are out; the modern POS (point of sale) registers are in. Of course, speed and efficiency is certainly more of a requirement nowadays, especially if one is looking to work in a trendy bar, lounge or club.
It could also be said that all bartending schools were much the same back in the days; that certainly does not hold true today! The level of training from one school to another can vary immensely. So when choosing a bartending school we suggest you compare several schools. Take your time, research your options. The right school can make all the difference!

Check out our FAQ's on CHOOSING A BARTENDING SCHOOL and then visit our school, or even attend our HANDS-ON TRIAL class (No Fee). This trial class will give you a chance to see our New York Bartending School facilities and quality of training first hand! Then go and COMPARE! To make an appointment for our trial class simply call us at 212-768-8460. And remember, there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to sign up!

  • Real HANDS-ON training behind fully-equipped bars on 2 floors of space; 24 stations set up with the looks and atmosphere of a real working bar. The New York Bartending School is the largest state licensed bartending school in New York. The advantage of having 2 floors is that we do not have to mix graduates of different levels. Our morning and afternoon graduates are in one classroom, the day class have their own classroom and the evening classes are not mixed with 1st & 2nd week students, with only one instructor.
  • Train with a fun and gregarious staff of professional and supportive state licensed instructors that have met all the requirements of the New York State Education Department and the high standards of the New York Bartending School. They all have at least 5 years of bartending experience, most have over 10 years.
  • Obtain Bartender/Mixology Certification & Alcohol Awareness Certification, providing intervention strategies for handling difficult situations, as well as third party liquor liability lawsuits. This certification reduces your employer’s insurance costs and makes you a more desirable bartending candidate. All certifications are included in our NYC School tuition.
  • Learn all of the classic and trendy drinks. A Spirit & Liqueur Seminar; even bartenders are surprised at what they learn! A Wine Seminar; wine knowledge is a MUST for the bartender of today! And learn all about beer styles, how to tap a keg, and draw perfect headed ales (the only NYC bartending school with a real bar tap/keg system).
  • Master the speed & efficiency required to work in York's busy and trendy establishments, along with good customer service and up-selling skills to increase sales and tips!
  • The only NYC bartending schools that provides POS/micros cash register training.
  • Lifetime 'Refresher Courses.' You can retake the course (or part of) as many times as you want, whenever you want at no additional fee at any of our New York Bartending Schools.
  • After graduation we follow up with a job hunting seminar that includes interview techniques training, resume building and the occasional guest speaker to prepare for your job search. We then provide one-on-one assistance along with a 24/7 password protected job placement site that offers our graduates real job leads. Our job placement director is in constant communication with the managers and owners of New York's popular establishments, so that we can pass on any new leads to our graduates. When owners are not contacting us, we are contacting them. We also list all classifieds from local papers to in-the-biz publications, along with a listing of all the new bars, clubs and restaurants that open up. Our graduates can come into other school for one-on-one assistance anytime, and if they just want to brush up on their bartender/mixology skills the classroom is always open to them! We do work VERY HARD to provide leads for our graduates and do what ever we can to assist in their search! Our graduates are well trained and very confident when they leave our school.

    Members of the New York Restaurant Association, National Restaurant Association, Florida Restaurant Association, and the International Guild of Hospitality & Restaurant Managers. The ONLY Bartending School in New York City that is a member of the Professional Bartending Schools of America ( and the World Bartending Training Organization.

    "The New York Bartending School is Highly Recommended!
    They really do a good job of placing people when you finish the course."

    Tony Johnson
    CEO, Women for Hire, Channel 5 News


    68 West 39th Street
    (between 5th & 6th Ave.)
    (212) 768-8460

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