• Bartender ‘Drinks & Preparation’ Certificate Course

    This 1-week behind-the-bar certificate course consists of the 'Cocktail/Drink Preparation' part of our renowned Bartender/Mixology course.
    Must be 18 or over.
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  • Bartending-Mixology Certificate Course

    A 10-day evening or 5-day accelerated course that covers ALL aspects of professional bartending.
    Must be 18 or over.
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  • Bar & Restaurant Wine Certification

    A crash certification course in wine knowledge & service geared to bar & restaurant staff.
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One-Day Classes & Enhancement Events

  • NYS ATAP Certification (online)

    eTIPS is approved by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA).

    4 hours
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  • NYS ATAP/TIPS Certification Course

    New York State Liquor Authority Approved (NYSLA)
    Alcohol Awareness Certification Card
    4 hours
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  • Bartending4Fun PE

    Fun, interactive, mixology cocktail classes/events.
    2 hours
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