No experience is required other than possessing some personality and a willingness to learn and have fun. You will be surprised at how much information is covered in our curriculum; however, we do make learning fun, and you are not limited to just forty hours - you can even take the entire course over again at no additional fee. At the New York Bartending School® we provide the 'New York Bartending Experience' that most bar owners request when hiring bartenders in NYC.



    • ONE-WEEK FULL DAY COURSE: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
    • TWO-WEEK MORNING COURSE: Monday - Friday 9am to 1pm
    • TWO-WEEK AFTERNOON COURSE: Monday - Friday 1.30pm to 5.30pm
    • TWO-WEEK EVENING COURSE: Monday - Friday 6pm to 10pm
    • WEEKEND COURSE: (3 Saturdays and 2 Sundays): 9am to 5pm


    FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: Mix & match the above schedules

    Cursos de la certificación bartending españoles disponibles. Por favor llame 212-768-8460



      • • Bar Set-up, Equipment, Utensils, Glassware, Shakers, Pourers & Jiggers
    • • Drink Measurement & Preparation Methods: Jigger & Free-Pouring, Build, Stir, Shake, Blend, Muddle, Layer
    • • Recipes: Highball, Rocks, Martinis, Manhattans, Trendy, Signature, Shaken, Shots, Muddled, Frozen, Tropical, Cream, Hot & Wine Drinks
    • Garnish Preparation, Bitters, Syrups and Condiments
    • • Spirit, Liqueur, Wine & Beer Knowledge & Service
    • • Opening & Closing Procedures / POS Register Training / Customer Service
    • • Job Hunting/Resumes/Job Placement Service

    • • FINAL EXAM - There is no fee for exam retakes or class/course retakes. Finals consists of a multiple choice exam and a speed test.

    • • EXPERIENCE IS PRICELESS: After you're armed with bartending knowledge and skills, you have the opportunity to guest bartending at several bars in Manhattan. This allows you to apply what you've learned in real-world situations. A great confidence builder as you prepare for your job search. Our job placement assistance will guide you every step of the way with job hunting tips, resume help, one-on-one assistance and a on-line job site.


    • New York Bartending School® / 68 West 39th Street, NY NY 10018 (between 5th and 6th avenue; next to Bryant Park). 212-768-8460