Bartender Certification Course: (40-hrs): Certification from the New York Bartending School is validation that you have completed a comprehensive bartender training program. If you are seriously interested in working as a bartender and looking to make some great money then you need a bartending school that provides an up-to-date comprehensive industry-level hands-on bartending training program - that will land you a JOB! Includes access to our excellent bartender job placement assistance program.

Bartender Cocktail Course: (16-hrs):The weekend boot camp bartenbding cocktail course will teach you all the drinks of our 40-hour course without all the seminars, and although perfect for cocktail servers, waiters, barbacks, event bartenders, and bartenders looking for a quick refresher course before getting back behind the sticks, in reality this boot camp course is the equivalent of the 40-hour course offered by many schools. Covers all the drinks served in today’s bars, restaurants along with the spirits seminar (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, whisky and liqueurs). This is a comprehensive hands-on boot camp course in bartending cramped into a single weekend, at less than half the price of our 40-hour course.

Advanced Spirit & Mixology Course (coming soon): The advanced spirit and mixology program takes bartending graduates and working bartenders to the next level of mixology. This 20 hour advanced spirit & mixology course, will be held in a fully equipped mixology bar stocked with craft spirits & liqueurs, and taught by bar-chefs, using real alcohol, seasonal fresh ingredients, house-made bitters & syrups, and all the tools, glassware and equipment of the modern mixology bar. For more information on starting dates (upon approval of the education department) please contact the school.


Classes start EVERY week (morning (9am-1.30pm for 2 weeks): afternoon (1pm-5.30pm for 2weeks);, Full-day (9am-5.30-pm for 1-week); evenings (6pm-10/30pm for 2-weeks); and weekends (9am-5.30pm for 3-Saturdays and 2-Sundays).

Flexible Schedules Available

For our 40-hour 'Bartending Mixology Course' you can mix schedules and even take classes (or the entire course) over again until you graduate, with no additional course or exam fee.


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