A Student’s Perspective

Having made the decision to become a bartender I searched for New York bartending schools. One of the very first schools I came across was The New York Bartending School.


The website had all the necessary information with the description of courses being taught, schedules, FAQ’s and, of course tons of pictures of the classrooms; which by the way seemed to have the vibe and groove of a real bar along with a real bar appearance- dark, with just a few signs lit at the back. ‘Ok’ I thought; Let me check the other schools websites too before I make a decision.

The other websites did not look that promising, their classrooms looked more like my college auditoriums… Boor-ring…


The next day I called The New York Bartending School to make an appointment to come in and register for classes and I found out that I could start as early as the following week. Cool! Why waste time? The following week came and I was in a bar/classroom with 10 other kids. The instructor started telling us about the drinks that we needed to memorize, which seemed completely impossible because there was like a hundred of them. But it was only the first day.

A few days later everybody in the class got to know each other and lost the fear of not being able to handle making the 20 drinks in 6 minutes required to pass the course. That was not without the help of our instructor James who taught us how to multitask without thinking too much, make perfectly stirred and shaken martini’s, precise free-pouring, how to pour the perfect pint of draft beer, how to open a bottle of wine and champagne (Gosh, that seemed unattainable!) and most importantly how to be confident and engage our own personality in everything we did behind the bar.

The last days in school were the most fun time I’ve ever had; we acted like real bartenders behind the bar and made conversations with our “guests”. On the last day of classes there was a mixology competition among several groups, where we got to explore our creativity making new cocktails.

My group won the first prize- a Professional Bartender’s kit each. That meant something to us!

The course gave me confidence that I wouldn’t have trouble looking for a job and make a great bartender. And I did. I’m working at City Crab now.

Thank you, New York Bartending School!!!

~Victoria G

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